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Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

COVID Testing in San Antonio

Home to the iconic Alamo and featuring the picturesque River Walk, San Antonio showcases a unique mix of Spanish and Texan influences. Moreover, it’s a hub for military and healthcare institutions, contributing to its dynamic economy. With a warm climate and welcoming atmosphere, the city captivates visitors and residents with its blend of history, culture, […]

Best Foods for COVID Recovery

It’s common to fall ill in the winter months, and one of the various respiratory illnesses you might catch is COVID-19. Although this disease isn’t as dangerous as it used to be and its symptoms have changed over time, catching it can still be a nuisance. Nutrition can play an important role in strengthening your […]

COVID Testing in Spanish: What to Know and Who to Ask

Being sick while abroad can be stressful, especially when there is a language barrier. In case of COVID-19 symptoms, you’ll need to get tested and probably self-quarantine. However, finding information about where to go and what to do can be an uphill battle in a foreign language. Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in […]

COVID Pandemic Effects: Social Impact, Mental Health, Worklife, and more

In March 2020, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the world as we knew it. Nations closed their borders, and everything became as remote as it could be to keep populations safe, including education, work, and even healthcare. After over three years, the worst of the pandemic is behind us, and we’re finally somewhat […]

What Is COVID Tongue? Treatment, Causes & More

As the virus mutates and new strains emerge, it’s not uncommon for COVID-19 symptoms to vary. At first, COVID was characterized by fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, and loss of taste and smell. But now it presents with a wider range of symptoms, including COVID tongue. Many people have reported experiencing malaise in their […]

COVID Toe: Is Purple Toes a Symptom of COVID-19?

Multiple symptoms are traditionally linked to COVID-19, such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, or loss of taste and smell. However, COVID symptoms are much broader than that. Some odd COVID symptoms include: Swollen and purple toes Rashes Tongue swelling and blisters Hair loss Tingling nerves In this post, we’ll discuss a symptom […]

Tingling in Hands and Feet: A COVID Unusual Symptom

Multiple symptoms can be associated with COVID-19, including fatigue, muscle aches, a dry cough, etc. However, some COVID symptoms are more frequent than others and they can even last long after the initial infection has passed. In this post, we’ll explore why some people experience numbness and tingling hands due to COVID. We’ll discuss: What […]

Unveiling COVID Rashes: What Does a COVID Rash Look Like? Types & Treatments

COVID-19 emerged as a true Pandora box, unveiling an extensive list of potential symptoms that appears almost boundless. What started as a typical respiratory disease has been proven to affect multiple systems, from neurological issues to heart complications. At this point, almost everyone has either suffered from COVID-19 or knows someone who has, so the […]

COVID and Hair Loss: Can the COVID Vaccine Cause Hair Loss?

When COVID-19 first appeared, we believed it was a predictable respiratory illness, with well-defined symptoms and a relatively foreseeable path to recovery. But after three years, we’ve seen the wide range of effects that COVID-19 can have on your body: from itching and rashes to more serious side effects such as nerve damage. COVID-19 is […]

New Respiratory Disease in China: Children Are the Most Affected

Lately, an odd surge in respiratory disease cases has been detected among children in China. According to the local media, hospitals in multiple parts of China are overcrowded, especially in northern regions. Thus, the World Health Organization (WHO) is inquiring more details to the Chinese government. In this post, we’ll share everything that’s known so […]