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US Travel Restrictions: Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling to the USA

Disclaimer: The information in this article may change to reflect new government announcements. “Stay home” was the main motto of 2020. Last year, traveling was off the table for most people. But fortunately, things are getting smoother in 2021, and the world is slowly shifting back to normality. With 46.1% of the world’s population vaccinated […]

Travel? Yes. Amazing deals? Also, yes

Times are tough. COVID keeps coming around wearing different disguises and referring to itself in Greek. The mustache and fancy name fools no one, we know it’s you. Not unlike your annoying neighbor (Jeff) that just won’t go away, COVID is here and can make finding respite difficult. Yet, time moves on, the world still […]

Covid Masks 101: Uses, Types, Effectivity

Phantom of the Opera, Halloween, masquerade balls, and medieval physicians – masks are not new to human society. Neither are plagues and pandemics. The use of facial coverings has diverse purposes and intents – and in the face of a virally transmitted health crisis, wearing a mask can save tangibly save lives. The use of […]

How Do Covid Tests Work?

Are you thinking of traveling this year? Covid testing is an essential, and often confusing, aspect of safe travel. Most countries require travelers to have a recent negative Covid test for international travel. The United States, for example, has performed over half a billion Covid-19 tests since the beginning of the pandemic. This is nearly […]

The Ultimate Guide: Where to Get a PCR Test

The coronavirus has changed our world forever – and many of us have been deeply impacted by the effects of this virus on our own bodies, our healthcare systems, and our communities. As time moves on and new developments unfold, healthcare professionals, scientists, and public health officials are unanimous: the coronavirus is here to stay. […]