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Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

A couple standing in a beach in Oceania.

Oceania Travel Restrictions: Australia, New Zealand & More

Oceania is renowned for having the best countries to surf, stunning sceneries, and awe-inspiring wildlife. That’s why millions of travelers decide to visit Oceania every year. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many nations in this region decided to close their borders in an effort to halt the virus’ spread. However, there is good news after all […]

Travel insurance ticket.

Vacation Insurance: Does It Cover Covid-19 Expenses?

Covid-19 is not a thing of the past yet. In spite of the increasing number of people traveling abroad every day, the pandemic might still affect the travel plans of some. Getting infected is still a potential scenario you should not ignore. Beyond affecting your health, an infection could cost you quite a bit of […]

Two people enjoying their vacations at a Caribbean island.

A Guide to Central America and Caribbean Travel Restrictions

As the world’s Covid situation improves, traveling is getting easier every day. The Caribbean and Central America are among the most attractive destinations to visit. Cruises, amazing food, beautiful beaches, and fascinating historical sites await you in this region. In today’s post, we will explore everything you need to know about the current Covid-19 travel […]

Woman taking an at home test for covid-19.

PCR Test vs At Home Test: Which One Should You Get?

Getting tested has been proven to be one of the most efficient ways to prevent the Covid-19 virus from spreading. There are multiple types of tests you can choose from, based on your needs. Recently, at-home tests have become increasingly popular. But more options might lead to more questions: What type of Covid test is […]

Mother and daughter enjoying the city of Rome.

Traveling with Children: Covid Guidelines for Parents

In 2021, Covid restrictions were lifted around the world, making it a great year to travel. However, after the Omicron outbreak, many parents decided to cancel their travel plans to protect their family from Covid-19. Traveling is safe if you take the proper precautions. Still, if you are taking a trip with children, you may […]

EU Covid Certificate.

Does Your EU Covid Certificate Expire? Learn the Latest Updates

In 2021, nations around the world sought to make travel a smooth and enjoyable experience again. In Europe, the EU resolved to establish a certificate for travelers to prove their Covid-19 status throughout the continent. This document is known as the EU Covid Certificate. However, since the omicron outbreak, most European countries have tightened up […]

Nighttime picture of Times Square with Broadway plays ads on display.

Is Broadway Open in New York? A Guide To Broadway and NYC Restrictions

Seeing a Broadway show is definitely one of the most thrilling and memorable things you can experience while visiting the city that never sleeps. Talent, showmanship and moving stories abound on Broadway. And if you’re a theater fan, you can never get enough of them. If you are coming to the big apple, in addition […]

A couple watching the sunset on board while following the covid safety protocols for cruises.

Is It Safe to Go on a Cruise Right Now? A Guide to Cruise Covid Safety Protocols

There are numberless ways to enjoy your vacation. One of the most rewarding experiences is discovering multiple cities and landscapes while enjoying the comfort of a cruise. In March 2020, cruise lines were forced to suspend their activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But, once the international situation improved, they headed back to the sea. […]

Receptionist attending a guest while following the covid protocol for hotels.

Hotels and Covid: A Guide to the Covid Protocol at Hotels

Since late 2021, as more information about the Covid-19 virus emerged and the international situation improved, thousands around the globe have resumed their travel plans. Flying has been proven to be a safe practice, especially if you take the proper precautions. But what about your accommodation? Today, in this post, we will uncover everything you […]