About our company

Test for Travel is the first and only international directory of Covid-19 testing locations, made with travelers in mind. Our mission is to make traveling easy in these difficult times.

You may be traveling for work, to reunite with loved ones, or to relax after a tough year. Regardless of your “why”, traveling internationally should be simple and stress-free. Frequent testing and clear information play a key role in making that possible.

Our story

Test for Travel was founded in 2020, by Aruba-based online entrepreneur Julien de Bats. After Aruba re-opened its borders, Julien noticed a pattern across travel-related online communities: People often struggled to find Covid-19 testing locations, both at home and abroad. So, he decided to create a simple website that solved that problem.

Initially, TestforTravel.com only listed 100 US locations. At the moment, we compile over 5000+ Covid-19 testing locations on 6 continents.

Our vision

2020 was a tough year for everyone. But some sectors were hit harder than others. For example, the tourism industry was severely affected by lockdown measures and closed borders.

We believe in navigating the pandemic with information, responsibility, and optimism. Information guides responsibility. And optimism gives it a purpose.

As countries re-open their borders, we want to keep travelers safe, hotels opened and city streets vibrant. That’s why we’re committed to helping you get tested.

Our mission extends beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. In the years to come, we’ll continue to design solutions that simplify international travel.

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