Traveling While Working Online During Covid-19

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Every Problem is an Opportunity In Disguise!

The pandemic and the consequent lockdown has kept us all at home and limited our mobilization and socialization. While working from home has been challenging and stressful for many; However, exploiting challenges into opportunities is the art of living. Plan yourself a trip somewhere you can distress yourself in a dream environment and work remotely and flexibly.

Why Travel While Working Online?

The lengthy lockdown may have stocked some stress and strain for you. So now it’s time to pay back all the fun you have missed and detox your mind and body. Say bye to wait for annual leave for a vacation!

While working remotely, all that matters is the work done, either you are on a remote island with a Wi-Fi or at your dream destination. So, it’s time to plan whether you want to surf on the waves somewhere or explore the downtowns, outskirts of those cities and their culture and food after your working hours.

Where to Travel?

Opting for a destination can be challenging, based on your preferences. It time to go through the list of countries encouraging the digital nomad crowd by offering remote working visas. You can either chose a remote island for some peaceful and relaxing beaches or a culturally rich location to explore. Make sure you avail the several state-level tourism promotion offers.

Prioritize Your Safety

While it’s an excellent time to travel without taking extra days off, finding the best location for safety, convenience, and pleasure may be challenging.

You must acknowledge the existence of a global pandemic, and make sure to apply efficient filters for health and safety, i.e., corona cases, implementation of safety protocols, and risk factors while choosing a place to stay.

Time Zone-Matters or Not?

Working while traveling must be considerate of the difference in the time zones. Evaluate the practicality of the working and enjoying hours as per the destination so that you get a work-on-time and fun-on-time experience.

Legal Liabilities-Always Matter!

Make sure that your chosen destination conforms with the regulation and security policies of your company.

The Cost of Living

If you are out for a short trip while working, you are ready to opt for some luxurious choices, but long-term plans have different preferences. Study the cost of living as per your affordability and always keep some extra, just in case you might have to extend your stay due to restrictions.

Remember! There is a Difference!

Working remotely is not the same as your planned vacations, but something more than that. It’s about giving you extra room for leisure and work in a free environment. So keep it long and relaxing to get most of it!

Covid-19 and Evolution of New Work Culture

The forced-choice is now the permanent choice. Companies are now moving forward to adhere to a new work culture that promotes more flexibility and offer great leisure out of working remotely. Tech giants like Microsoft and Alphabet are now encouraging workers to work from home. Several companies, like Twitter and Square, are getting ready to make remote work positions permanent. They are acknowledging that efficiency and productivity lie in you and not the office space.

So if you are one of the lucky ones working from home, make the world your home.