Covid-19 Test Result Translation Services

Traveling across languages? Get your Covid-19 test results translated within 12 hours!

Why You Should Translate your Test Results

Negative PCR test results are an entry requirement in almost all countries across the globe. When you land at your destination, local authorities are likely to request your results, in a language they can understand.

If the country where you’re getting tested and your destination speak different languages, getting Covid-19 test result translation services is a must.

At Test for Travel, we want to help you travel safely during The New Normal. And part of traveling safely is getting your test results translated by experts.

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Covid-19 Test Result Translation Services by Translayte

Translayte is a translation company that offers certified & sworn translations acceptable globally.

With Translayte, requesting a translation is fast and easy. Their services are easy to order, fairly priced, accurate, and delivered quickly. Their pool of thousands of native-speaking professional translators makes them a great option for you, and a perfect match for us.

We’ve partnered up with Translayte to help translate your Covid-19 test results quickly, with delivery possible on the same day as your trip. Visit their website to learn more.

Translate your covid test result

Frequently asked questions

Why shouldn’t I translate my Covid-19 results myself?

There are two key reasons why we don’t recommend that you translate your Covid-19 test results yourself:

  • Professional, certified translations are highly reliable. Test result translations performed by certified translators may be the only translations accepted at your destination.
  • Your test results include discipline-specific terms. Your Covid-19 test results include information about the test method and its context. Translating that information will require expertise and precise terminology management.
Does the translator know how to read my Covid-19 results?

Translayte’s certified translation team is made up of medical translation professionals. With years of experience in the industry, Translayte’s medical translators fully understand medical texts and their complexities. So yes, they know how to read your Covid-19 test results.

Shouldn’t local authorities know how to read my Covid-19 results in my language?

Across the globe, local authorities tend to only accept (or at least prefer) documentation in their official language. So, if you want to err on the side of caution, it’s safe to assume that all your interactions with local authorities will be mediated by local language documents.

However, some countries do accept Covid-19 results (and other documentation) in foreign languages. For instance, the Netherlands accepts Covid-19 test results in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch.

As always, we encourage you to conduct your own research. You’ll find relevant information on your destination’s official websites.

I need to travel as soon as possible. Do you offer emergency translations?

Translayte offers emergency, same-day translations. With Translayte’s Covid-19 test result translation services, you can receive your results in your target language within as little as 12 hours. Visit Translayte’s website to learn more.