The New Dos and Don’ts for Your Time at the Airport

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The New Normal and the Golden Rule

The grim period of the pandemic COVID-19 has brought along a new normal. This new normal applies to the traveling as well. Whether airports are part of your routine business trips, or you’re going on a long awaited holiday, there are certain new regulations you should follow to ensure health and safety for all.  Let us give you an insight into the dos and don’ts at the airport. The only golden rule is to keep your experience “Touchless.”

Be ProActive and Give Your Self Some Extra Time

Embrace yourself with enough time to go through the new check-in and boarding procedures. The procedures can consume extra time to board-in, so checking in a little earlier will help you keep calm and compose, to ensure all safety procedures.

Your Safety is Your Responsibility

Stay self-prepared, wear masks and gloves throughout the whole process, and keep your safety bucket loaded with all the essentials, i.e. masks, sanitizer, gloves, and a personal water bottle. Having an extra of each item as a reserve is pro-choice, that would help you face unexpected situations which are part of traveling.

Stay Hydrated Using Your Resources

Keeping yourself hydrated is vital, and keeping a personal bottle will give you an edge to keep up with the golden rule. Make sure the bottle is brought from home so you do not have to get in contact with the vending machine.

Controlling your Body language is Preventing the Spread of the Virus.

Keep yourself composed, and your hands and arms nearer to the body. It will eliminate the exposure of your hands anywhere that can potentially carry the risk of viruses.

Keeping Yourself Safe is Keeping Everybody Save 

Ensure social distancing while standing in the queue. Follow the rules to ensure the safety of all and act socially responsible. 

Offer Yourself Self-help

Self-help as much as you can, i.e. boarding passes, check-ins, luggage tagging, and scanning, make sure you take care of it all, single handedly. We can’t see these viruses and microbes, so sanitize your hands periodically to ensure safety. 

Being Minimalist minimizes the risk of infections.

Luggage and heavy bags are part of traveling, but the new normal is to be a minimalist. The lesser the bags you have, the lesser you have to worry about. Using trollies can risk you breaking the golden rule.

Waiting is an Exam – Make sure you pass it.

Waiting is always burdensome, especially at airports. But don’t let waiting make you break the golden rule by touching newspapers, and magazines to feed your wait with reading. Turning your waiting hours into reading is better, but using a safe mode and resource is the best.

Airport/Public Toilets- Only as The Last Resort

Public toilets are a place with high risk and potential exposure to the virus. Only use them if it is the last option you have. Getting your body ready for the whole experience from home is recommended.

So, if you have gone through a touchless experience at the airport until you board-in, you deserve a thumbs up. And don’t forget to sanitize your hands just before you get into the plane. 

Happy traveling!