Finding A Safe Place To Stay While Traveling During COVID-19

Traveling during Covid-19 is a challenging yet fascinating task. Everyone is considering to cash the missed fun out of the year 2020 by traveling. One of the biggest challenges faced while traveling is getting the right and safest place to stay during Covid-19. Let’s go through the possible options we have and explore the factors that make a place safe to stay.

You can either go for some rental, hotels, motels, or Airbnb. Your choice of  place must be based on safety criterion. Below are few factors you should take in consideration while choosing a place for your stay.

Health Safety Measures

Checking proper sanitization and disinfection procedures for the room you plan to stay in should be the first step. Check the chosen place’s compliance with the safety protocols, i.e., wearing masks, maintaining distance, and periodical sanitization of shared space.

Sufficient Space For Social Distancing 

Ensure that the place you are staying at has enough space to manage a contactless experience to check-in and getting to the room. The more touchless process and the social distance you will have, the safer you will be.

Least Contact with Shared Touchable 

Enlist the number of shared touchable in each option and chose the one with the most touchless facility. Shared touchable like doorknobs, lifts, stair handrails, trolleys, etc. can expose you to the possible infection.

Application to Communication

Check for the availability of communication modes or apps to get room services or other bits of help. It will lessen physical contact while communicating.

High Tech Adaptability

Check for the additional sanitizing and cleaning facilities at hotels, i.e., use of UV technologies for virus elimination and sanitization of hotels. Regular temperature checks facility and thermal scanners, and additional filtration and ventilation processes.

Compromising is not an Option!

Make sure the promised precautions are met at arrival and do not compromise on safety.


Hotels usually get a lot of visitors and staff. Having people around you while on a trip was a favorable consideration while traveling before Covid-19, but it is no more the same way. 

The hotels are now judged based on their cleaning, safety, and precautionary measures. Remember to ensure some personal space availability to ensure social distancing since you don’t know anybody’s infectious status.

Hotels have many commonly share things, such as check-in desk, knobs, lifts, stairs handrails, etc. that increase the risks. The level of ventilation in bigger and stuffed hotels must be addressed before booking,

Rentals and Airbnbs

Rentals are a good option where you can have some personalized space with the least risks. Precautionary actions are also easier to follow. Airbnbs are also the right choice during the COVID situation, as they are less crowded. Both places give you personal space, less sharable things, along with some efficient precautionary measures. These are the factors that can make any place a good and safe option. 

Either way you go, health and safety must be your prime concern during Covid-19.