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Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

Young woman getting urgent medical assistance.

Thursday Thunder: The First Case of Polio in the US in 9 Years + COVID World News

The COVID-19 pandemic is slowly becoming a distant memory. Yet, it’s useful to reflect on what we have learned this far: avoiding close contact with strangers, washing our hands regularly, and taking health precautions when traveling. As of today, we are still dealing with some remnants of COVID, and other health concerns continue to affect […]

Young woman creating content for her travel TikTok account in a canyon.

Travel TikTok: The Best Travel TikTok Accounts

In the wake of 2020’s lockdowns and social distancing, TikTok became increasingly popular. Today, the social media platform is worth 50 billion US dollars, with over 1.39 billion users. The good thing about TikTok is that it’s easy to go beyond the people you already follow. Their “for you page” makes it effortless to find […]

Thursday Thunder: Monkeypox Vaccination In the US + COVID World News

While countries are gradually opening up to international visitors and the pandemic is almost behind us, it’s clear we’ve learned a lesson from these past years: More than ever, traveling today requires taking health precautions. Actually, it’s fair to say that people travel more responsibly nowadays than ever before. However, some current health concerns deserve […]

Mom and daughter enjoying summer break in Canada.

Where to go for Summer Break: Canadian and European Road Trips

During this time of the year, many are wondering where to go for Summer break. There are countless options. A road trip is a fantastic choice if you want to avoid the crowds at airports and on flights. If you’re planning your next road trip, this post is for you. Today, we’ll share some of […]

Kid crying while experiencing acute hepatitis syntomps.

Thursday Thunder: Unexplained Acute Hepatitis Outbreak + COVID World News

The impact of COVID on our time has been profound: we learned everything about isolation, social distancing, wearing masks, and washing our hands. Fortunately, most of it is now behind us. However, COVID had other consequences as well. For example, making us overlook other health concerns and directly impacting routine vaccinations. Currently, the worldwide hepatitis […]

Young woman taking care of a male friend who's experiencing Monkeyplox syntoms

Monkeypox Global Health Emergency + COVID World News

In the last two years, the world took many steps toward ending the COVID pandemic. Today, music venues, theaters, and cinemas are thriving again, and many travelers are planning their next adventure. Unfortunately, there’s a new illness to worry about: Monkeypox was recently declared a global health emergency. However, it’s not all bad: For now, […]

Woman putting on sunscreen with her daughter smiling

Vacation Safety Tips: How to Stay Healthy During Summer Break

Summer break is already here and there’s no better time to get away and enjoy a well-deserved vacation. The possibilities are endless: you can go hiking in the mountains, relax on a beach in the Caribbean, or just take a short trip to the nearest city. However, among all the anecdotes you can gather from […]

Woman getting sick while travelling by plane

How to Navigate Getting Sick While Traveling

We all look forward to vacations. Especially, when they involve taking a long-awaited trip to a dream destination. Nonetheless, once in a lifetime, getting sick while traveling is something that could occur and disrupt your plans. If you’re planning your next trip and want to be precautious in case of falling ill, you may have […]